Slow Styles in a Fast Styled World


February 9th - March 9th

Rear Storefront is pleased to announce the February 9th opening of Slow Styles in a Fast Styled World, an art exhibition from hairdresser and artist Brittany Mroczek

The work examines the architectural relationship between fashion and the body, as well as the textural relationship between hair and fiber. The clothing and textiles featured in the exhibition, all photographed by Rob Kulisek and hung on the gallery walls, ask the viewer to examine what it means to remove clothing from the confines of the fashion industry and view it in a quieter, recontextualized space. 

Mroczek has created an installation in which fashion, hair styling, textiles, and drawing merge together. As a component of Slow Styles in a Fast Styled World, she will be booking haircut appointments and taking orders for F/W17 custom made cashmere garments.

To make a hair appointment or custom garment order, please contact us here.

Brittany Mroczek is a New York City-based hairdresser and artist who specializes in cutting and styling. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she continually seeks inspiration from its landscape. After moving to New York in 2012, she began working at Sally Hershberger; from there, she went on to assist Guido Palau and continues to work with him internationally while simultaneously building her portfolio and clientele. Brittany’s work has been shown at galleries and featured internationally by a variety of publications including W, I Like My Style, Vogue, V, and T, as well as Purple TV, MOCA TV and SHOWstudio.

Mroczek was selected to be the lead hairstylist on the feature film, Beasts of the Southern Wild, which was nominated for four Academy Awards. Known for combining intuition, technicality, and conceptual thought, she creates personalized haircuts and styles for artists, designers, writers, and musicians. She collaborates with photographers Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Rob Kulisek, Gillian Steiner, and and Charlotte Wales, as well as directors Benh Zeitlin, Julia Liu, Alexa Karolinski, and and Steve Hanft. Mroczek has lead presentations for designers including Eckhauslatta, Vaquera, Isabel Wilson, and Moses Gauntlette Cheng.

More of Brittany Mroczek's work can be seen at