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Pam Lins, Ricci Albenda, Mindy Vale, Trisha Baga
Shawn Maximo, Alex Kwartler, Aaron King, James English Leary
Jory Rabinowitz, Carol Shapīro, Nick Parker, Rosalie Knox
Maren Miller, Saki Sato, Sam Shainberg, Taylor Shields
Philip Gabriel, Oto Gillen, Danny McDonald, Ebe Muslimova
Nelson Figallo, Mike Shea, Patrick Roberts, T De Long
Kembra Pfahler, Kiera Coffee, Trenton Duerksen, Daniele Frazier
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Number Two
For D+T's second project, friends, artists, and fellow hoarders were asked to contribute objects from their personal collections that they were willing to put up for sale. This "junk" was incorporated into an art installation by Daniele Frazier and Trenton Duerksen and then disassembled as it is sold, one piece at a time, over the course of the month.